Translation Services

Translation Services

I can offer a bespoke document translation service according to your precise requirements.

Foreign Languages

The document presented to me may be in a foreign language. It is imperative that i as your Notary am content that you understand the meaning and the effect of the document and therefore it may be necessary to get the document translated. It may also be necessary that the document may need to be translated into the language of the country where the document is to be used, again i can arrange for the document to be translated accordingly.

Commonly a Translators Certificate might be required, in which the translator confirms their professional translator’s qualifications and the accuracy of the translation.

I will ask you to email me a copy of the document to be translated before providing you with a costs quote. Generally the cost of document translation varies but will be affected by factors such as the volume of text requiring translation and the urgency within which the translation is required.

"I am able to offer my service to clients in both English and Gujarati"

Same Day Service

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